I always think about good design as a part of the everyday life that most people don't notice. Not because it is transparent, but because it has to be as pleasant to the eye as a white cloud in a sunny day.
Master in Graphic Design at Universidade do Porto (Portugal) and graduated journalist by Universidade de Fortaleza (Brasil), I had my first contact with design at Jornal O POVO, one of the most awarded newspaper of Brasil. This experience lasted a total of 5 years in which I was responsible for the typesetting of several sections and the design and art direction for special projects such as weekly supplements and seasonal customized magazines. 
Although print design became an action throughout the years, technology grew as a passion. In order to question the future of communication as our culture and habits are in constant change, I sought in digital design the arguments I believe in. The challenge is to translate concepts into emotions combining virtual and tangible products.